MONIN 柠檬姜蜜糖浆


Lemon, Ginger, Honey blend has been recognized for its healing properties. When these elements are combined together, it makes a knock-out remedy against a myriad of ailments.

A fresh take on a traditional family favourite, MONIN Lemon, Ginger, Honey syrup features a subtle combination of zesty lemon, a warming ginger zing and a delightful round honey taste. Create an array of revitalizing concoctions ranging from hot toddies to shaken iced teas with this incredibly versatile combo!




Tasting Notes

Color: Cloudy Yellow

Nose: Lemon and honey
Attack: Lemon, honey, and hint of spiciness
Length in mouth: Citrus, fruity



Beverage Innovation Director's tips

Healthy drinks pop to my mind when thinking of the combination of these three flavours! My personal twist is to combine MONIN Lemon, Ginger, Honey syrup with freshly brewed jasmine tea and red dates to make a revitalizing oriental drink.



Flavours Association

Citrus, herbs




  • Toddies

  • Sodas

  • Lemonades

  • Ice Teas

  • Cocktails

  • Mocktails